Helene William's Bio Picture

My interest in holistic healing spans many decades.  Thirty years ago I was exploring macrobiotic diets, homeopathy, and the benefits of exercise and yoga.  I entered the healing profession in 1999 as a registered nurse working in the fields of both oncology and hospice. While both of these areas challenged me both emotionally and professionally, my experiences allowed me to truly learn the meaning of empathy and to become more spiritually connected. Most importantly, it taught me just how comforting and meaningful the touch of a hand can be for someone who is suffering, in pain, or going through the dying process.

In 2006, I made the decision to go back to hospital nursing and was fortunate to be part of a team that embraced the holistic components of Reiki, aromatherapy, music therapy, massage, and guided imagery.  After taking my Reiki I training and sharing Reiki with patients, I was so impressed that something so simple and easy to learn had such dramatic effects in promoting relaxation, which in turn allowed the healing process to take place.  My patients were more relaxed, their pain was often reduced or relieved, and in some cases they went home earlier then anticipated. 

Anxious to continue my Reiki training, and also have the ability to teach, I completed my Reiki Level II and Master/Teacher training and am a graduate Shinpiden student of the International House of Reiki, whose work is devoted to the original practices of Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki. I am also certified in Animal Reiki and Reiki Drumming.  I have over ten years of experience  providing Reiki  sessions in a hospital setting  and also have a well-established private practice where I provide sessions and teach classes.  I have presented information on Reiki and holistic health care at two national nursing conferences, participated in a hospital-based Reiki research study, implemented and facilitated a hospital Reiki Volunteer Program and in 2013 established the Lancaster Community Reiki Clinic.  I also provide Reiki sessions for patients of Caring Hospice Services and the Lebanon VA Medical Center, both located in Pennsylvania. Along with teaching private Reiki classes, I am also available to teach Reiki in hospital and corporate environments, where I have specifically designed Reiki classes tailored to those settings.  Additionally, I provide contracted services to create holistic programs in health care settings. My vision is that Reiki be embraced as a spiritual practice for healing, compassion, wellness and wholeness.

One of most important things for you to know is that self-Reiki and meditating with the Reiki precepts are part of my daily practice, which is essential to being a grounded practitioner and teacher. Reiki has become my life passion and I look forward to sharing it with you!